About us


About Us

Welcome to our blog! We are Deborah and Xavier (Xav), a professional couple from the south coast of England (although Xav is originally from France). She loves reading, art, and riding her bike by the sea. She is also fascinated by the tiny house movement, and how living simply can free you to live life to the full. He loves experimenting with ingredients to create amazing dishes, and also trying those that others have made. We both love to travel, experience new things and meet interesting people.

We decided that the time was right to minimize our possessions, and plan for the trip of a lifetime. This took a long time, and required help from friends and family, before everything was in order.

Our aim now is to travel around the world by campervan, train, boat and plane (and maybe some backpacking and cycling too…). We want to experience different lifestyles and cultures, meet new people, have adventures and hopefully make a positive impact wherever possible.

This blog is to keep our friends and family up to date with our adventures, although poor wifi connections sometimes make this difficult… You are very welcome to come along on our beautiful journey too!

A special word about Harvey the RV!

Harvey is our midnight blue, 3 years old VW campervan. He is our multipurpose vehicle. He carries us safely to each destination, and then becomes our micro-home whenever we need him for cooking, eating, reading, planning and sleeping!

Since taking Harvey on some camping trips we have added some accessories to his interior to help make life more practical. For the kitchen, Xav purpose built cupboard inserts to store our kettle, mugs, boxes for tea, coffee etc, plates, pots and pans. Previously these were stored in bags and it was cumbersome to extract them and put them back. Now everything has a place, and we can even squeeze in extras, like bananas, when we need to.

We also bought some storage bags directly from VW, to fit onto the back of Harvey’s seats. These hold our dry food and condiments, and again mean that we don’t have to store things in hard to access bags.

Finally we also purchased these nifty blinds which easily stick onto the windows and fold up again. Although Harvey came with blinds, they are not always easy to put into place and sometimes sag, leaving peep holes.

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